Ode to the IT Guy on Father’s Day

Someone placed this mystery spring on my desk at home, and it inspired me to pen another of my occasional ‘poems.’ Please be gentle…

A Tiny Spring is on his Desk

A tiny spring is on his desk
From whom he cannot fathom
It could be from his better half
Perhaps his little phantom

The IT Guy should know it all
His home tech in his control
All the gear working as it should
Not warped by a near wormhole

Like Sisyphus, it’s never done
You really cannot linger
Even superheroes feel woe
They can’t just snap a finger

But a Thanos he cannot be
He works hard to be a sleuth
Not so clever like MacGuiver
If you only knew the truth

Loading Minecraft on his iMac
His eight year old beams with glee
But when he gets stuck in a realm
He cannot help the boy flee

His wife’s old Macbook Pro runs slow
The fix is more RAM he thinks
He even does the job himself
But now the battery stinks

But with no quest, what good is that?
It’s the challenge that’s the fun
He needs that spring, it makes him think
About more than hot dog buns

To all the dads, the day is near
When all will scream your wonder
They have the faith you know enough
That you will never blunder

But do dads have some special skill?
This premise is so not true
They just treat tech like a hobby
No Kobayashi Maru

But if you want to help him be
A Jedi in his domain
Go right ahead and make him smile
Though you walk the same terrain

Still, he’s nifty at what he does
He keeps your ship a running
Even though there are lots of times
He’s not sure he’s so stunning

It’s the journey that builds his skills
His big brain… no marshmallow
Now go celebrate Father’s Day
And fill his desk tomorrow