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The Story of our Two Pear Trees

Spring begins for me when I spot the little pear tree blossoms in our front yard.

Many years ago, before our son was born, my wife and I planted two little pear trees in front of our house in Connecticut. They’ve since grown large and quite bushy on top. In fact, we’ve had to cut them back a couple times to keep them from taking over our front yard.

They’ve never born fruit, but they’ve always put on a big show in spring. During the third week of April, hundreds of beautiful little white flowers bloom on the trees.

These blossoms last for barely two weeks and then blow away in the next April rain. The petals dust our driveway, and then they’re gone.

This year, the big event started a week early. (Global warming?)

I know our Lester trees are hardly unique. Spring is playing out everywhere right now. But as I look out our windows every morning, I see a stunning display of nature’s enduring power, and this luminance feeds me.

And so does snapping a few photos of this annual event in front of our little house.

Happy spring!

Spotting the First Colors of Early Spring

This barren tree from afar is ready to explode into spring. It’s amazing what else my camera sees by focusing in on early growth.

I always yearn for spring to arrive, but during these early weeks, nature seems to take it’s time waking up. The days are often wet and cold here in Connecticut.

We’re so eager to welcome the explosion of new life, but the colors have yet to fully pop. That said, if you take a few moments to really look around, the transformation is actually well under way.

You just need to look a little more closely.

I picked up my Panasonic Lumix LX-10, set it to macro focus and then went for a walk after a rain shower.

Here’s what I spotted…

Time to Explore the Expanse of your Shrinking Space

You don’t always have to worry about the big picture. Here are eight ways I’ve expanded my view by focusing on the small.

If you’re feeling like your world continues to shrink around you after weeks of sheltering at home, you’re certainly not alone. 

Here’s one suggestion to help rebalance your equilibrium: 
Pay more attention to what’s right in front of you. There’s actually a lot to see. 

You might be pleasantly surprised!

Open your Eyes and See the Beauty
If it’s at all possible to spend a little more time with Mother Nature while also practicing social distancing, of course now is the perfect time to take a closer look. In fact, get really close and narrow your focus.

And you don’t necessarily have to travel far to explore the intensities of spring. It’s amazing what’s right in front of you when you zoom in your view a bit.

Here’s what I found…

Narrow your View to Find Relief
So, instead of yearning for what is currently unavailable, I say let’s take advantage of all of that beauty nature has provided.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to pay a little more attention to the smaller details.

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