Why You Need to Build a Kitchen Counter Tech Station

If you’re finding too much of your tech cluttering your kitchen counter, it’s time to get organized. Here’s what I did…

Your kitchen counter made is for cooking, right? But how often do other household items and mail accumulate on it? And how about all of your tech? Don’t tell me that you’ve never had to charge up your smartphone on your counter…

It’s just a mess!

Instead of fighting it… I say… go with it.
…and officially make some space for it.

Your tech doesn’t have to take a lot of room, but you should really consider creating your own kitchen counter tech station.

The Lester Kitchen Tech Station
My tech station lives in the corner of our kitchen tucked away on the counter next to the refrigerator. These are the pieces:

  • Sonos Play:1 wireless speaker
    If you dream of having whole-house music functionality, then you’ve got to find a place in your kitchen for a speaker, right?
  • Orbi Wi-Fi router’s satellite unit
    When I upgraded my home Wi-Fi to a mesh system, I needed to find a centrally-located place on the first floor to locate the satellite Orbi to extend its mesh network. The corner of our kitchen counter was the perfect spot.
  • Cordless telephone
    Yes, we still have a landline. (Cough)
  • Compact power strip
    Of course, your kitchen wasn’t designed for your power-hungry tech to take over all of the outlets. So, you’re probably going to need to create a power extension for all of your resident kitchen tech. I went with a compact 4-plug surge protector and 2 USB charger made by NTONPOWER.
    It’s $20.99 on Amazon Prime.

I’ve positioned these four tech supports neatly in a row in the corner of our kitchen counter.

Smartphone Support
Then, I’ve got a mobile smartphone/tablet stand. It’s easy to attach one of our iPhones to it when cooking from an online recipe. Sure, you can simply place the phone on the counter, but when food and knives are flying around, I find it’s safer for our devices to live slightly above the action. Plus it’s easier to read the recipe!

I went with a stand made by Kanto… It’s $29.99 on Amazon Prime.

Tomorrow’s Kitchen… Today
If you want your kitchen to be a tech-free zone, then good luck to you. Let me know how that’s working out.

For the rest of us, I think it makes a lot of sense to find a corner in your kitchen that’s relatively out of the way and intentionally build your own tech station.

You’ll feel a lot more organized!