Use these Batteries in Your Nest Protect or Else

If you own a Nest Protect, you should pay attention to this picture. You’ll be needing to remember a particular detail to replicate in the future…

I needed to replace my Nest Protect’s batteries after the smoke and carbon monoxide alarm warned me it was time. I know that’s hardly a compelling start to a story, but what I discovered after I opened up the battery compartment’s door was rather surprising…

I found a big warning directing me to install one… and only one type of battery-
Energizer’s Ultimate Lithium L91 AA…

or else.

The Risk of Using Duracells Instead of Energizer Ultimate Lithiums
If I chose to install a less powerful battery, my human error would be “harmful to the smoke/CO alarm operation.”

All right then… I didn’t want to anger my Nest Protect. Nor did I want it to fail during an emergency. I took a look in my battery box for Energizer L91’s. And no, I didn’t have any.

So, I immediately went to Amazon Prime to order some L91’s.

But my Nest Protect was in its mind-melting chirping stage. So I had to either disable it for a couple of days or swap in some Duracell batteries I had on hand until the L91’s arrived.

I decided on the Duracells.

But I was worried that somehow the potentially ‘harmful’ Duracells would ‘destroy’ my Nest Protect. Perhaps less powerful batteries would simply not work as long.

It was only going to be for two days. So, I gave it a shot…

And guess what…?

The Duracell batteries worked just fine for the 48 hours.

Then, I replaced them with six Energizer L91’s.
My family was protected.

And life goes on.

Better be Prepared
If you own a Nest Protect, you might want to keep a package of Energizer Ultimate Lithium L91 AA batteries on hand so you don’t have to make “life-threatening” batteries choices like me.

But, what’s the deal with being able to use only one type of battery?
Are they so much more powerful?

Energizer Ultimate Lithiums are the Best Battery Out There?
Energizer claims that their Ultimate Lithiums are the world’s longest lasting battery in “high-tech devices.” And I haven’t found anything online to definitely dispute that claim.

So, apparently Nest Protect needs a serious battery to keep it going over the long haul. Will a ‘weaker’ model actual ‘harm’ the unit? I don’t think so… but perhaps other batteries would prevent the Nest Protect from operating properly over time.

I don’t think it’s the kind of rule you really want to question…

Obey Google’s Nest Protect instructions and use Energizer Ultimate Lithiums…

Let’s move on.