How Sheltering at Home Helped Me to Find Spring

So, this is a story that boils down to simply opening your eyes and paying attention to your surroundings. But sometimes it takes a pandemic to help you reshuffle your priorities…

It’s important to look for bright spots as we travel through this COVID-19 alternate reality.

For me, one of the few upsides has been the opportunity to pay more attention to the wonders of the early days of springtime, when nature starts to kick it into high gear. Those wonderful buds suddenly appear and the colors begin to pop. Before you know it, there are flowers everywhere.

But it happens so quickly. During every other year I can remember, I never paid enough attention to it all. I was too busy moving and driving and focused elsewhere. And then the renewal would be gone. The greens not so bright. The tree blossoms all gone. Till the following year.

Well, 2020, of course, has been different. Social distancing and sheltering at home provided the perfect opportunity for me to simply look out the window and actually see spring taking hold.

And I’m also happy to report that I took advantage of the early morning hours over the past weeks to get out and capture a few video time-lapses and nature b-roll with my DJI Osmo Pocket camera.

Yes, I tracked the early spring that I discovered all around me and then edited the imagery together in under a minute. My little video project made me smile. Perhaps it will do the same for you. Please take a look.

This year, I didn’t miss spring.
And I am glad.

I pledge not to forget this practice next year, when I hope life has returned to normal for all of us.