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Use these 7 Tech Tricks to Free Up Time

Tick tock. That’s the sound of your day not being spent the way you want. Here are 7 ways to reverse that soul-sucking trend.

I don’t know about you, but there never seems to be quite enough time to get it all done. Sure, we’ve all got the typical obligations that come with 21st century life. But there are also so many “electives” to explore.

Time is still a finite commodity.
(As far as I know)

So, the trick is finding ways to be more efficient with it. Yes, there are countless folks talking about this very topic, but I’d like to just zero in on how technology can be your friend and help you squeeze some precious minutes back into your day.

Think you know it all? Well, to be sure…
Here are 7 tech tips to help you focus more of your life into your happy zone:

Order Stamps Online
Why would you ever choose to waste a fraction of your existence in the post office buying stamps?
The lines are endless. It’s like Purgatory in there.
Even the stamp-dispensing square autobot will drain your life force.
Why not simply purchase your stamps from your home computer?
It’s wicked quick…

Withdraw More Cash from the ATM
Yes, there was a time before time when there wasn’t easy money on almost every corner. But today’s 24/7 access to an ATM is a mixed blessing. Who wants to always be thinking about where the nearest one is when you need twenty bucks?

I know this idea may not appear like a fiscally responsible suggestion, but if you can control your spending urges, I think you should withdraw more cash than you think you want.

Here’s the trick:

  • For those of you who haven’t fully embraced our cashless society yet, try visiting your favorite ‘magic money box ‘ less frequently… say once a week. Take out enough cash to get you through this interval and pledge not to return for another seven days.
    Rationing the use of this tech will save you time and can prevent you from going to the well more than your budget dictates.

Shop for Your Groceries Online
I know… it goes against your hunting-gathering instincts.
And there’s a delivery fee.
But not having to go to the supermarket,
then not struggling with that damaged cart,
and not having to wait on a long line at the checkout…
Isn’t that worth a few bucks?

Avoid Greeting Card Aisles
Stop feeling like you have to troll for greeting cards at the local CVS or Walgreens.
You know what I mean… searching up and down that forest of disorganized generic thoughts. Finding that perfect card, only to realize there’s no matching envelope, and having to start all over again.
It’s no longer a badge of honor to say to your loved one… “I spent an hour looking for the perfect card!”
(My mom used to like to say that.)
There’s got to be a better way!
Well, of course there is…

Go to Touchnote, Paper Culture, or even Hallmark online.
These websites contain virtually all the greeting cards you could ever want.
Plus they’ll mail them for you!
Whoah…. Now that’s really a paradigm shift.

Don’t Wait On Line to Pay for Parking. Go Online!
Remember how you felt right after you missed that train, because you first had to wait online to pay for parking?
Let’s erase that recurring stomachache from your life.
Use an app and pay on your smartphone.

I use PayByPhone.

E-ZPass or Bust
All right, who here doesn’t have E-ZPass yet?
Please stand up and walk upstairs.
Now go to bed…. There’s no dinner for you.
And the rest of you should go get a good night’s sleep too!

Before you start your snooze, you should probably check in on your E-ZPass account just to make sure it’s current.
You don’t want E-ZPass to list the car you owned a decade ago.

Greenlight Your Own Reruns
If you’re a blogger, repurpose ideas from older and underperforming posts for the other 7 billion people who didn’t read it the first time around.
(What? You hadn’t noticed?)

Now, you’ve suddenly got time to prepare to go skiing with your family!

See ya…!

What’s Bigger than Infinity?

Some questions find answers in the most unexpected places, and others lead you to right to your next challenge at home with your tech...

Some questions find answers in the most unexpected places, and others lead you right to your next challenge at home with your tech…

My son, who’s almost six, was having a spirited conversation the other day with another six year old…

The other boy said, “What number is bigger than infinity!?”

Now, at some point in our childhood, we’ve all had that conversation. Right?
You can shoot off the usual responses…

“Infinity plus one.”
“Infinity infinity.”
Kajillion million”
“billion billion million kajillion!

And the list goes on.

So my lad looks at the other boy and ponders the question for a moment.
His answer to what’s bigger than infinity…?


I think I felt a small tremor, and I’m sure the breeze outside picked up for just a moment.

The other boy scoffed at the response, and said, “Time isn’t a number!”

“Yes it is!”

“No it isn’t.”

“Yes, it is!!”

…and you can imagine how the conversation continued.

Fade Up from Black
If this were a movie scene, you would see a shot of these two young Einsteins in the foreground, continuing their argument, and you’d see me in the background. The camera shot would start to zoom in past them, bringing me front and center… my mouth would hang open slightly. I’d look stunned… because I was.

My boy had proclaimed that time was bigger than infinity. Now, that’s a huge concept. HUGE! My mind struggled to comprehend it.

And you know, I think my boy was actually on to something.
Time is pretty darn infinite.

Impressive… most impressive.

Add that one to the list of ‘kids say the darndest things.’

The Ghost of my Cable Box
And speaking of time, I’ve got a coda to my post last week, where
I ripped one of the cable boxes out of my house.

It’s a week later, and yes I’m surviving without a cable set top box in my home office, but I have encountered a problem…

No, I’m not missing all of that cable programming in the one room.
…but I am missing the digital clock display on the cable box.

I didn’t realize this, but after all of these years, that silly cable box became the singular authority on time in our home office.

Whenever I walked into the office after my banishment of the poor cable box, I found my eyes automatically drifting to that same space. It was like an autonomic response.

The day after the cable box’s disappearance, I was sitting at my desk and my wife walked in. I noticed her eyes dart to where the black box used to reside, and then without missing a beat, she asked me what time it was.

Her too….!!

Weird, right?
We both miss that cable set top box most, because it knew the time…

What Time is It?
Okay… so I think I need to pony up and get a small clock with atomic timekeeping for that same space.

…or simply glance at my iPhone, computer, watch or any of seemingly infinite ways to figure out what time it is.

I know… not a huge issue… and certainly not in the same league as time vs. infinity.

So, I’ll simply leave you with my own ‘deep’ question to ponder…

“Does anyone ever really know what time it is…?”

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