What’s Your Backup Plan?

by Barrett

I embrace technology.  It’s everywhere in my life.  Work.  Family.  Personal time.  And I’ve always been good with technology ever since I could figure out how to program my first digital Casio watch as a kid.

  • Got my first digital camera in 2000.  (strangely also a Casio)
  • Sony Mini DV camcorder in 2002.  Magic.  My wife called it a little dove.
  • Canon DSLR- bought and charged for my son’s birth two years ago.   Whoah!  Extreme close up!
  • All things Apple- I’m a believer.
  • Facebook, LinkedIn- All good.
  • Wireless Eye-Fi card photo uploads of my son’s daily adventures to my iPhone- Roger that.

I am fully integrated and plugged in.  My wife thinks I’m a tech god.

The Genesis of this Blog
But I have a confession to make.  At best, I am a mere mortal.  And I’m not a tech wizard by most standards.  I can just get it to work, usually.
In fact, I worry about technology.   A lot.

Sure, I’ve got the tech in my household humming.  Today.
But the next software update may not be the next best thing.  And compatibility issues between tech is always a fragile truce.

Technology is a tool that can turn on you.
They say it makes your life easier, but it is not your friend.
That T-800 with your name is never far away.
Technology is charging forward, and it cannot be stopped.  It is a fact.
Your only hope is to stay one step ahead of it.
Or the all-you-can-eat buffet of our digital paradise will abruptly shut down.

The battle has already begun.  And it’s secretly raging right now on the home front.
I know you know it’s there.

We all fear the day when that “on” button gets pressed and nothing happens.
If we want to preserve our digitally connected lives, we’ll need to keep on top of it.

Are You At Home with Tech?
I’ll share what I know, but I also need your help.
It won’t be easy.  Life is messy… digital or not.

Let’s begin…