Ode to iPhone 5

by Barrett

Look at all the happy campers, young and old, holding the new iPhone 5 in the Apple Store at the big launch. But I dare not touch it. As a current 4S owner, it’s unattainable. What is one to do? Write poetry.

I’ve got iPhone envy
Yes, it’s true
The Five is so brawny
And now I’m blue

My 4S was once a blast
It’s innards strong
The Five is now twice as fast
It feels so wrong

My bitty screen born from Xanadu
Is now eclipsed by a larger view

A half-inch more is not a lot they say
But when you admit it, just walk away

I’d buy the Five if I could
I’m stuck with a piece of wood

My current contract just prevents me
Another year in Rura Penthe

Friends say the Five is so minor
They’re due for an upgrade so why not
But I know there’s nothing finer
When I’m holding my tiny kumquat

And Barrett must now wait for the time
I’ll not feel the techy fool
My phone will again stop on a dime
No more coveting and drool

Wonder if the Droid is a better way?
It’s a discussion for another day

I know I’ll see the silver lining
And then rise up to feel a shining

To have it all plus a little more
My phone tech will ring from shore to shore

The iPhone in my back pocket
Will roar again like a rocket