The Fate of the Summer Movie Blockbuster Hopefuls

by Barrett

The summer movie season is almost here, but the truth is already out there.  Start clicking on some movie trailers to find out the fate of the summertime box office…

The summer movie season is almost here, but the truth is already out there. Start clicking on some movie trailers to find out the fate of the summertime box office…

A long time ago in what now seems like a galaxy far, far away, I used to review movies. Today, as a family man, I’m lucky if I can even get to a flick, let alone find the time to review one.

Fortunately, one aspect of ‘the cinema’ I especially enjoy is simply checking out movie previews online. Last week, I shared my joy with the new “Star Wars” teaser trailer.

For me, a great movie trailer is worth the price of a full ticket. The way it can get your heart pumping in under three minutes. I’ve also got to admit it’s quite the efficient use of your time…. Like who doesn’t have a couple minutes?

If you haven’t noticed, the official start of the summer movie season is almost here.  I say it’s never too soon to decide what movies you intend to see. And what better way to make your decision than simply watching the trailers?

Movie Trailers 101
Here are Barrett’s basic rules on movie previews:

  • If it’s a must-see trailer, the movie has a really strong chance of being solid.
  • If it’s only a good trailer, the flick has a 50/50 chance of getting it done.
  • If it’s a bad trailer, this movie is really in trouble.
    (Because if you can’t find two good minutes to edit together, that’s saying a lot.)

Some trailers suffer from telling you too much about the story.
(Then, you feel like you’ve seen the entire movie.)

Other previews leave you confused as to what the film is about.
(Also a bad sign)

So based on these vastly oversimplified rules, I offer you my predictions for the summer’s best movies based on their most recent trailers.

My Summer Movie Picks Based on Ten Trailers

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron
This trailer is good. Not great. So you might want to be worried. But this is Director Joss Whedon we’re talking about. I have faith he will deliver.

Jurassic World
There’s a new genetically engineered dinosaur that’s the monster du jour? Yawn.
Haven’t we really seen this movie three times before?

Terminator Genisys
It’s supposed to be somehow set in an ‘alternate’ reality, which allows the filmmakers to ‘reimagine’ the series. Honestly, there doesn’t seem to be anything that new here. And it’s hard to spell the title. But Arnold’s baaack!
So go.

Ant Man
This movie seems to have a genuine sense of humor. I’ve got high hopes this could actually be fun.

Mad Max: Road Fury
This crazy trailer makes the original trilogy look like Barney the Dinosaur.
Go fast. Very fast.

Fantastic Four
I read they wanted to make this a ‘dark’ origins reboot. The setup looks interesting, but I’m not feeling much connection to any of the characters or their ‘mission.’

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
This movie is trying so hard to be ‘60’s cool and clever. And fun. The problem is the trailer isn’t. At all.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
Another one?!
Yes, please.
This series still appears fresh and enjoyable.

San Andreas
The Rock Vs. the fault line.
California gets destroyed. Again?

George Clooney. Cool concept. But I’m a little confused.
No wait… George Clooney.

Wait for the Reviews?
How fair is it to assess a movie’s potential, based solely on a finely buffed marketing effort?

Well, it’s never going to get any better for most of these flicks after they’re released and the reviews come out. This is the honeymoon period.

If a trailer can’t get it done today, it’s unlikely the film will end up being a hit tomorrow.

That said, let’s see how these flicks actually handle themselves, and I’ll review my scorecard at the end of the summer…