The Best Birthday Gift for a Six Year Old?

by Barrett

If you’re looking for a great birthday gift for your young explorer, you might want to think about a couple of wheels. And I’m not talking about a bike…

If you’re looking for a great birthday gift for your young explorer, you might want to think about a couple of wheels. And I’m not talking about a bike…

So my little boy just turned six, and in the weeks leading up to his birthday, I thought a lot about a big present I might give him.

‘Big’ present?

My wife and I were already getting him a few fun toys, which I knew he would love, but I also wanted to give him something a little more… significant.
(Perhaps more ‘durable’ or ‘long lasting.’)

I think whole idea of one ‘bigger’ present is more of a shopping construct for me than for him.
(I’m pretty sure I got the idea from my parents’ gift-giving patterns during my early birthdays.)

When my son turned four, we bought him his two-wheel bike with training wheels. Last year, it was a microscope, which he thought was pretty cool.
(Although he was more psyched about his ‘Marbleworks’ marble-run set.)

For the big six, I scoured for ideas online, but nothing new popped out.

Scooter World
Recently, we were visiting friends and their two children, and during the afternoon my son was exposed to the wonders of a two-wheel scooter. My boy was immediately enchanted with this more advanced form of transportation.

But his first love is and always will be his three-wheel scooter, which he’s had since he was three.
It’s the Micro Mini Original for $79.99.

Did I mention my boy absolutely loves his scooter?
He named it immediately.

He calls it ‘Scammer.’

And as it turns out, my lad has technically outgrown Scammer.
(The Mini Original is only rated from ages 2 – 5, carrying a maximum of 44 lbs.)

So I knew it was time to upgrade…
(What a perfect coincidence!)

Micro makes the ‘Maxi Original,’ which holds up to 110 lbs and is recommended for ages 5 – 12. That’s the next size up.

So I was zeroing in on the Maxi for his big birthday present.
(It’s $129.99 on Amazon.)

But now, I saw my boy might be ready for a two-wheel scooter.
What about that?

Micro Kickboard makes the ‘Sprite Scooter,’ which is rated up to 220 lbs.
(That should last him for a while!)

It’s also really cool, because it’s foldable.
(So I can pack it easily for a trip.)

And the Sprite has this cute little kickstand too, which is super simple to slide in and out.


Two Wheels or Three?
A next generation Scammer would be a no brainer, but the two-wheel Sprite also could be the way to go.

No, my son didn’t quite master the balance of the two-wheel scooter at our friends’ house, but he really enjoyed the challenge.

I also know that technically, he’s a little young for the Sprite.
(It’s rated 8+.)

But I figured I’d take a chance…

I picked up the cool blue Sprite on Amazon for $99.99.
(Same price as on the Micro Kickboard site)

Micro Kickboard Sprite








And I was ready for his big day…

A Little Magic Goes a Long Way
I’m sure you know how these things go when there are multiple presents to open on a birthday. It’s quickly one after the other… after the other.

The wrapping paper flew everywhere like there was some sort of time limit.
When the dust settled, I was ready for the big moment…

Which present would he gravitate to first?
Drum roll, please.

It wasn’t his new scooter.

It was the ‘Ideal’ Magic Show set.
($34.95 on Amazon)

He’s always loved playing with a smaller magic set he received a couple years back. So I thought I might simply expand his performance options.

Clearly that did the trick.

But these magic sets are also rated 8+.
Even I can’t do a lot of the basic tricks without some practice. But it’s perfect to play with during some daddy and son time…

Welcome Home
The lonely, blue Sprite waited in the corner of our living room for the rest of the day. It looked like my two-wheel gamble was a misfire.
(I could always put it away for another year and try again.)

But that night, while my wife and I were in the kitchen preparing dinner, I sensed a shadow in the dining room rushing by us. And then it happened again… going the other way!

We turned around, and there was our boy trying out his new scooter.

Nostalgically, I walked up to him, remembering how he had named his old Scammer and asked if he was thinking of naming his new scooter.

“Oh, it’s already got one,” he proclaimed with a smile.

“Really? What is it?”

“Fang Chomper.”

“Fang Chopper?”

“No, Fang CHOMPER!”


Great name.
I think that says it all…

Happy Daddy
So, the torch has been passed from Scammer to Fang Chomper.

Of course, my son and I still need to get the scooter outside for some serious road testing, but I’m ready to proclaim that the two-wheel scooter for my six year old is a successful ‘big’ birthday gift…

And if you would please indulge me, I need to say the name one more time.
(Because it makes me smile.)

Fang Chomper.

Thank you.