The Perfect Portable Night Light for Children

by Barrett

Putting your kids to sleep on the road can have its particular set of challenges. If being able to create dim lighting for the perfect sleeping conditions is important to you, then you no longer need to look beyond the moon for your solution…

My seven-year-old son is a great sleeper. One variable that’s contributed to this happy state (For him as well as my wife and me) has been the use of a night light in his room over the years. It just helps him go to sleep. We’ve used different night lights and currently have one from Pottery Barn Kids that’s constructed into the ‘Rowan Base’ of his bedroom lamp. So, the lamp has two light bulbs… one regular… the other a night light.

But as you might imagine, sleeping elsewhere can create something of a challenge to create the same dim-light ambiance for him.

Of course, you can always take the same night light with you on your travels, but that’s not always a practical choice.

More often than not, I’ve had to figure it out in the moment whenever we’ve entered a hotel room.
(It’s not been beyond me to do a little redecorating.)

I should also mention that the whole night-light equation has become less of a critical issue of late. A slightly cracked door to the bathroom with its light on is now just fine for him.

Of course, it is… now, that I’ve found the perfect solution.
So, for those of you parents out there who are still trying to figure out an ideal portable night light to take with you, here it is…

Moonbase Alpha
It’s called ‘Moonlight,’ and it’s a battery-driven illuminated plastic moon the size of large grapefruit.

It’s not exactly cylindrical since it’s got a flat bottom, but that allows you to safely place it anywhere.
(As you can see in the photo at the top of the page)

Made by a British company called Paladone, it’s constructed of a rubbery material that makes it a little squishy. And it quickly ‘reinflates’ after being squeezed by curious hands.
(My son has demonstrated this ‘trick’ to me several times.)

The Moonlight weighs almost nothing.
It runs on three LR44 button batteries.
It fits easily into a suitcase.
And It throws off just enough light.

It’s seemingly indestructible.
It’s perfect.

And It’s $13.63 on Amazon Prime.

(Quite easily done!)


Next Generation
My son’s Moonlight showed up as a gift, and as I marveled at the little orb, I decided to do a little more research on this great concept. Of course, I found some competitors on the market…

The primary difference is rechargeable technology that allows you to plug in your moon instead of having to replace the batteries. That’s obviously a more environmentally friendly choice.

These rechargeable models appear to all be created with ‘3D printing’ technology. So, they’re not going to be squishy like my son’s Moonlight.
Also, they’re completely cylindrical, which requires you to use the included stand if you don’t want them to roll off their night table.

And they have different brightness and color settings, which is nifty.

LOL is No Joke
All of those enhancements of course make them more expensive.

For example:

LOL claims you’ll get 4-20 hours of illumination on one charge depending on the brightness setting.

Goodnight Moon
So, for occasional use, I think that any of these wonderful little orbs will get the job done. But if it becomes an often-used item in the bedroom, you’re going to have to consider the convenience of having to regularly recharge or replacing the batteries.

…Your child’s moon also goes to sleep during your check-in before you hit the sack.
(Turning the Moonlight off after my son has entered dreamland has worked just fine for me…and him, and it really cuts down on battery drain.)

But for one-off uses as a portable night light on the road… these glowing moons are perfect!

Happy ZZZs.