One Los Angeles Trip in Photos Through My Child’s Eyes

by Barrett

This wasn’t exactly a traditional vacation, but when my son and I flew to Los Angeles to meet up with my wife, I took notes on which family activities my boy found especially appealing. Here are my findings…

I recently took my 8-year-old son to California to hang out in Los Angeles for a few days. And while there are a countless number of ways to enjoy the City of Angels, we hit a few of the more obvious landmarks and experiences. But when you’re traveling with children, you may be surprised which moments resonate and which ones fall flat.

Of course, I snapped a bunch of photos. I think the eight below capture our winning moments (some unintended) and those which unexpectedly underperformed.
(Disclaimer: Individual experiences will absolutely vary!)

Window Washer ‘Wake Up-Call’

We woke up one morning to a window washer outside our 43rd story hotel window at 6AM. My son’s response: Curiosity and delight

A Movie Theater in the Hotel Elevator

There were short, ‘experimental’ movies showing on vertical LED screens in the elevators. (They weren’t ads.) My son’s response: Intrigued with this unusual opportunity to experience micro ‘screen time.’ No popcorn, though…

Summer Solstice Sunset

We went to the Griffith Observatory to watch the summer solstice sunset along with dozens of excited people from around the world. It was incredible!

My son’s response: It’s just another sunset. (Let’s give him time.)

Kidspace Children’s Museum

It’s a great ‘play center’ that should capture the imaginations of most kids with both indoor and outdoor activities. My son’s response: Great climbing opportunities!

King Tut Exhibit

We visited the “King Tut: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh” exhibit at the California Science Center. My son’s response: Awesome! (His interest was especially piqued because he’s been reading Rick Riordon’s “The Kane Chronicles” series.)

Space Shuttle Endeavor

This retired orbiter is also at the California Science Center. I have to admit that when we arrived, I could barely contain myself at the prospect of seeing an actual Space Shuttle. So, I made a beeline to the Endeavor first. My son’s response: “It’s okay, but when are we going to see King Tut?!”

Swimming in the Pacific Ocean

We had the opportunity to hang out with friends at the beach near the Santa Monica Pier and take a dip in the Pacific Ocean. My son’s response: Home run!

Enjoy La-La Land
If you’re looking for battle-tested ideas on what do in L.A. as a tourist with your family, this is certainly not the definitive ‘list.’ It’s just one family’s experience. That said, if you found any of this helpful… I’m happy to have been of assistance!