Who Has the Biggest Discount on Apple EarPods?

by Barrett

Apple EarPods are yesterday’s news with AirPods and AirPods Pro grabbing all of the headlines. Still, if you’re in the market for a new pair, here’s the best deal I found.

I misplaced my Apple EarPods recently. They simply vanished. I couldn’t find them in the top zipper of my trusty Briggs & Riley black knapsack that I use for work. I was more annoyed at my memory glitch than the actual loss and replacement value. And then I thought about what Apple charges for a new set of these… $29.00.

These days, earbuds feel like a giveaway item. They get thrown around like pretzels on airplanes, and if I still ate Cracker Jacks, I’d expect to find a pair at the bottom of my next box. Granted, the audio quality of Apple EarPods is going to be better than some no-name earbud. Still, with tax, I don’t feel the price tag should be creeping over thirty bucks. They’re yesterday’s tech, especially with Apple focusing so heavily on their wireless AirPods and AirPods Pro lines.

Guilt-Free Purchase for Old Tech?
And while I definitely have felt the full-court press by Apple to upgrade to one of the wireless models, I still believe it’s worth having a back-up wired pair that you can carelessly throw in a bag.

But paying full price for old tech doesn’t feel that good.

Best Deal of Apple EarPods
So I went online to research if any retailers were offering discounts on this legacy Apple product.

B&H Photo offers a pair of Apple EarPods with Lighting Connector for $26.99.
That’s something.

But get this…
Walmart has them for just $19.99.
That feels so much better.

Amazon Prime also offers the EarPods for $19.99.
But I worry sometimes about fakes being sold on Amazon and then receiving some knock-off in the mail that pretends to be a genuine Apple product. (75% of Amazon reviewers gave this offer five stars. Yet, some reviewers did cry foul.)

Walmart Wins
So, Walmart got the prize for the best deal on ‘genuine’ Apple EarPods.

Keeping the price point to twenty bucks made my purchase less painful, especially when I know I could have put my money towards a wireless set.

I continue to tell myself there’s value in having a throwaway pair of earbuds.

Still, I can’t deny the irony surrounding this whole situation.
You know why?

Because I found my original missing pair of Apple EarPods!