Why It’s Time to Create your Own Fireworks

by Barrett

Another holiday weekend during COVID-19, altered by the requirements of social distancing. But that doesn’t mean we had to cancel the fun.

So, my ten-year-old son and I broke out our camping gear (and related tech) and had a spontaneous overnight in our backyard to celebrate our nation’s independence.

No, it’s not quite as independent as roughing it out in the middle of nowhere, but my boy and I had a great mini-adventure anyway.


And even though there were no city fireworks to watch, it’s always nice to review some imagery from past years (courtesy of a ‘holidays’ photo folder I maintain in my Adobe Lightroom library).

What immediately becomes apparent in these moments is the pattern. The repeating episodes that structure our lives…both in work and in play. Going to see our city’s fireworks at the beach had been a fun activity we’ve grown accustomed to over the years (although not so much the hour-long parking lot back up after it’s over).

This summer is the perfect time to create new enjoyable family rituals. (It’s not like there’s a whole lot of choice!) It’s a great opportunity to build new traditions.

Our July 4th backyard camping extravaganza was a great start for me.

Today is always a good day to create some new fireworks in your life.