I Snapped these Quiet Moments during the Bomb Cyclone

by Barrett

If you’re careful to protect your camera lens from pummeling snow, you can capture the soft look of early transformation during a storm.

When your weather channel warns that a bomb cyclone is coming your way, all you can do is hunker down and get ready for lots of snow shoveling.

And it’s also a great time to break out your camera and practice your winter photography! Granted, you probably don’t want to put your gear in harm’s way or subject it to frigid temperatures for an extended period, but if you’re careful, there is some great imagery to find.

I always enjoy spotting the smaller ways that snow can transform your immediate surroundings beyond blanketing everything with white.

During the last nor’easter, I bundled up and walked my Panasonic Lumix LX-10 around to look for where the snow and ice had gently morphed into the landscape.

The coming overnight deep freeze would soon ice up these seemingly organic connections, and their dainty edging would quickly be lost to a hard, frozen gloss.

So I grabbed the opportunity to capture a few quiet and fleeting images. Here are my photos…