7 Photos and 8 Verbs for Spring

by Barrett

This image of a blooming tree is a classic example of spring’s arrival. But you may be surprised how springtime can subtly influence so many of your other photos…

Wherever you point your camera, it’s almost impossible to avoid both the literal and figurative influences of spring. For your consideration… 7 examples that I snapped and the energies they reflect.


Here is the moment when our one-year-old cat discovered these spring tulips. You can almost see the neurons in her brain going crazy.


When you find a petal from a nearby flowering tree glued to your window, you know a chaotic spring storm has recently passed by.


This utility project on a Manhattan street has the feel of a picnic lunch being laid out on a warm day.


The One Vanderbilt building across from Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan continues to sprout and stretches upward to its planned 1,401 foot height.


There’s nothing more classic than a perfect spring day in New York City at high noon.


Those are really trucks traveling on your train tracks! Now, where’s the train?!


Nature has a way of sprinkling itself everywhere. I love my nature-dusted driveway!


More specifically… share your life. (This really isn’t season-specific.) As you know, I’m a huge believer of not holding onto your photography. Do share! And let others smell the blossoms along with you…

Happy spring!