Gift Ideas for Your Geeky Husband

by Barrett

If you’re out of time to figure out what to buy your partner for that special day, don’t panic. I’ve got a few ideas that could help save your universe…

I admit it can be a challenge buying a gift for a geeky partner. Unless you’re nerding out with him on the exact gear he’s coveting, it’s probably too big a gamble to blindly choose an expensive piece of tech.
(“You bought me which model?!!”)

So, I recommend you look at accessories to support his existing gear…

It’s not the amount you spend… it’s the thoughtfulness, right?
(Besides, tech accessories are not always so inexpensive.)

I should probably admit at this point that I’m not writing this post for entirely altruistic reasons. You see, I might have a birthday coming up. So, yes, I’m targeting these suggestions to a certain family member…

Let’s begin…

Tame His Earphone’s Chaotic Jumble
If your husband is still living in a wired earphone world, he really needs an “easy wrap” solution. Otherwise the cable becomes a tangled mess, especially if it’s traveling along with his smartphone. One solution:

This little pocket organizer is a tiny, squeezable snapspring-closing pouch made out of canvas and cotton. It’s perfect for a pair of ‘EarPods’ or earbuds on the go…

Yes, this may be a bit too basic a choice as a gift, but it does say, “I understand your quirky, geeky needs.”

Create a New Look for His Apple Watch
I’ve been slowly warming to the idea that my Space Gray Aluminum Apple Watch Series 4 is designed to easily handle an endless supply of different watch bands. Apple essentially created a new product market to accessorize its watch, and thousands of third-party choices have also materialized over the past few years.

I’ve been happily wearing the original Black Sport Band that came with my Apple Watch, but I also feel that I should probably also own a leather strap that’s a little less sporty….

You can find any number of inexpensive leather choices on Amazon for not much more than ten bucks.

Alternately, Apple sells its leather bands for $149.
Beyond the sticker shock, Apple’s color choices are a little radical.
(I was thinking about a more traditional brown or black…)

I then came upon the ‘Nomad’ brand, which is known for its quality leather products…

Nomad’s ‘Traditional’ strap has a little more heft than Nomad’s other strap designs.

While I like this bulkier ‘Traditional’ look, that also makes it a little more expensive.

Alternately, there’s the flatter Nomad ‘Modern’ Strap.

Amazon has the brown leather version for $59.97.

As one of only a few accessories that men typically switch up, I think splurging occasionally on a great watch band is well within normal parameters.

And I don’t think there’s anything inconsistent with being both geeky and a little fashionable at the same time.

Feed His Never-ending Need for Portable Storage
If you’re still finding yourself stuck in your quest for the perfect gift, you can always go with the tech equivalent of “buying him a tie.”

But I guarantee he’ll like this option much better…
(And who wears ties anymore?)

What not buy him a stylish portable hard drive?

Look, everyone who carries the ‘geek’ or ‘nerd’ identity card needs more storage for their files. And if they don’t now, they will soon enough…

You really can’t go wrong here…

I’m a big fan of portable drives made by G-Technology, which are targeted at Mac users.

No, buying your partner a portable hard drive isn’t the most creative or romantic choice, but in a pinch, it will get the job done.

You can get more inspired next time…

Decode His List of Geeky Gift Ideas
I know this is hardly an expansive list, but you’ve got to start somewhere. I hope it’s a useful beginning to your own decision-making process.
(Any other gift ideas out there for geeky husbands? Please share!)

And on the opposite side of this equation, there’s nothing wrong with leaving a few bread crumbs that lead to your own gift preferences…

Guilty as charged.
(Happy birthday to me.)