Ode to Apple Watch Series 4

by Barrett

Here I am sporting my first Apple Watch in the Stamford Apple Store. My Series 4 is still activating, but I couldn’t wait to snap the photo. So excited, it’s time to write another poem!


Friday night I entered the Store
The first day of the release
I don’t know what I was thinking
Just searching for inner peace?

Aluminum was fine for me
GPS and Wi-Fi too
Silver or space grey choice was tough
I felt like I had the flu

But the black sport band was so cool
It made the verdict easy
Though I wish there were more options
I was no longer queasy

I approached an Apple Genius
What could still be left in stock?
Then, he peered into his iPad
There it was! He did not mock.

Apple Watch Series 4 for me
I felt a chill of delight
Hardly an early adopter
I’m three years late, so not quite

Still, the thrill of four on day one
It is something hard to beat
I can barely contain myself
So, I will dance in the streets

But first there were some steps to take
To bring Apple Watch to life
iOS 12 for my iPhone
Then ran home to show the wife

Next, I’ve got more choices to make
So many watch bands around
The Apple models are costly
But third-party styles abound

Then, I worry about damage
If I whack my precious screen
AppleCare rejects all scratches
So, all I can do is scream!

A recourse is plastic armor
Don’t tell Apple of my aim
‘Cause it’s a Frankenstein approach
And I know that is it lame

A problem for another time
Today I am just smiling
Happy in my new Appleness
And apparently rhyming

But, I’m not suddenly on some
higher plain of existence
This need is marketing driven
Designed to break resistance

But then, what is true happiness?
If not a sense of wholeness
And if some tech helps you get there
Then, I say it’s a bonus

You can call this phenom the Force
Or whatever makes you free
I am one with my Apple Watch
And it is now one with me

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