How to Choose an Indoor/Outdoor Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer

by Barrett

Don’t fall for all of the extra data that weather stations offer. Here is what’s important to me…

If you must know my particular kryptonite… It’s humidity. No, I’m not big on heat. But I simply can’t stand humidity. And I spend a fair amount of time monitoring the humidity in the outside air to ensure it doesn’t invade the air in my house. There’s just nothing worse than coming home after a long day at work to a house that’s humid.


Of course, that’s more likely when I’ve left the windows open and the temperature outside isn’t forecast to be that hot.

The flip side of the equation is deciding whether to open my windows at night to let in cool fall air… as long as it’s not humid.

I think you get the point…

The Right Tool for Weatherman Barrett
The easiest way to address this humidity aversion…
is to set up an indoor/outdoor digital thermometer and humidity gauge.

It’s a simple and inexpensive solution but be careful not to buy a unit with more bells and whistles than you need. I tried not to but that’s exactly what I did when I bought an Oregon Scientific Advanced Weather Station three years ago.

Don’t over-engineer!
(You’re not trying to build a complete weather station, right?)

I say you should stick with a battery-operated digital gauge that displays four and only four numbers-

  • Indoor temperature
  • Outdoor temperature
  • Indoor humidity
  • Outdoor humidity

Everything else is a distraction and clutter.
(Why do you need your thermometer to tell you what time it is?)

My New Thermometer/Hygrometer
Recently, my Oregon suddenly stopped pairing with its outdoor companion sensor that lives on the other side of my home office window. I tried replacing the batteries on both units, but these things never last forever.

So, I had the opportunity to buy a simpler device that just targets the information I really need.

This time, I went with the…
ThermoPro TP60S Digital Hygrometer- Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Humidity Monitor.
$17.99 on Amazon

It’s got four numbers and is easy to read at a glance.
Plus, the ThermoPro has a smaller footprint than the Oregon and is a third of the price!

  • Simple
  • Inexpensive
  • No clutter on the display

It’s all I need.


Thermometer. Hygrometer. Done.

Don’t Sweat the Details
There’s so much data and information that you’re otherwise consuming throughout your day.
(Thank you, new Apple Watch.)

For a quick temperature/humidity check and indoor/outdoor comparison, my new ThermoPro is perfectly straightforward.

Sometimes… actually more often than you’d think…

Less is more.