Ode to Fathers and Technology

by Barrett

As I ponder my existence as a dad experiencing the eternal struggle to retain tech harmony at home, I am inspired to write yet another poem. (cough) Here we go…

Fathers and Technology

Every day is a fight
To keep my tech working right
And yesterday’s solution
Can create more confusion

In my head I can’t recall
My smart home laughs at my gall
To think I am in control
I feel like a lump of coal

Tech changes so quickly now
My gear often just says ciao!
Today what I really want
Is just one day with détente

T-800 mows my lawn
HAL serves veal parmesan
It’s silly to think they can
When you feel like a madman

But each morning holds the key
My son is my nominee
At nine he is the future
Born to tech he is super

I see what really matters
Fatherhood fills the chapters
Being a dad is the gift
Who cares our tech is adrift?

Happy Father’s Day to all
Stand up for your curtain call
Take a photo if you can
If not, enjoy as caveman

Are you still here?

All right then…
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