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A Poem for Dads on Mother’s Day

Photo collages are ideal for creating the perfect holiday card. Here’s how to do it all at home with a poem for easy reference.

What have you been doing with those thousands of family photos you’ve collected over the past years? Posting a few on Instagram or Facebook? That’s great. But what about all of the others?

Well, you can create annual photo books that will capture hundreds of your favorite photos. Those photo books should last through the century (actual mileage may vary). But that’s always a huge project to pull off.

Tackling a smaller version where you’re collecting only 15-20 images is clearly more manageable. How about applying that towards a “photo collage?!”
(Light bulb moment)

Photo collages are perfect for holidays or any occasion to give a physical card.

You just load your photos into a template. (Lots of photo websites like Shutterfly offer this.) You can pay them to print your card, or you can take a screenshot and instantly print out the photo collage card yourself. (That’s what I do.)

In honor of all mothers (and one in particular), here’s my little poem for fathers that doubles as an emergency instruction manual.

Instructions for Fathers on Mother’s Day

That day has arrived
When dads should applaud

With a pile of gifts
Though we are so flawed

But time is fleeting
Delays mute your plans

Amazon is late
Your wish is now sans

You are on your own
Just laptop and pics

A photo collage
That could be the fix

The story is there
For you to now share

You’ve got the photos
For you to declare

Websites will help you
To do this cool trick

Just load it all in
A template is slick

Then print out your card
It’s easy as pie

You’re back in the game
It’s okay to cry

Stuff doesn’t matter
It’s the life you share

Your collage reflects
Each day that you care

Say Happy Mom’s Day
For all that you are

This photo collage
Shows you are my star

Ode to iPhone XS Max and Our Brief Love Affair

It’s that time again, and before Apple’s marketing machine whips the world into another purchasing frenzy, I wanted to pen another ‘poem’ and reflect back on my past year using the iPhone XS Max…

Ode to iPhone XS Max and Our Brief Love Affair

Our time is short until the end
This year with you was dreamy
Your gifts were intoxicating
And knowing you was gleamy

Your power undeniable
Entertaining, agile, quick
I sauntered with you in my hand
Such a team, not a sidekick

I did not care what the world thought
It didn’t halt my passion
Just digging that you were all mine
My Millennium Falcon

But I know the heart is fickle
Soon you will seem unlovely
The next promises more warp speed
The age of Discovery

This short term love is created
By your nice friends from Apple
The best marketers on the Earth
Maybe just have a Snapple

Sure, I can upgrade if I choose
But that’s not how I’m wired
Fear not, I shall not abandon
You will not be retired

My passion may evaporate
I cannot feel the excess
But you’ll still be there for me
You’ll do your best to impress

Still, it was exhilarating
I will not forget this fact
To have this special time in sync
I glowed with my Tesseract

Ode to Fathers and Technology

As I ponder my existence as a dad experiencing the eternal struggle to retain tech harmony at home, I am inspired to write yet another poem. (cough) Here we go…

Fathers and Technology

Every day is a fight
To keep my tech working right
And yesterday’s solution
Can create more confusion

In my head I can’t recall
My smart home laughs at my gall
To think I am in control
I feel like a lump of coal

Tech changes so quickly now
My gear often just says ciao!
Today what I really want
Is just one day with détente

T-800 mows my lawn
HAL serves veal parmesan
It’s silly to think they can
When you feel like a madman

But each morning holds the key
My son is my nominee
At nine he is the future
Born to tech he is super

I see what really matters
Fatherhood fills the chapters
Being a dad is the gift
Who cares our tech is adrift?

Happy Father’s Day to all
Stand up for your curtain call
Take a photo if you can
If not, enjoy as caveman

Are you still here?

All right then…
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