Ode to iPhone XS Max and Our Brief Love Affair

by Barrett

It’s that time again, and before Apple’s marketing machine whips the world into another purchasing frenzy, I wanted to pen another ‘poem’ and reflect back on my past year using the iPhone XS Max…

Ode to iPhone XS Max and Our Brief Love Affair

Our time is short until the end
This year with you was dreamy
Your gifts were intoxicating
And knowing you was gleamy

Your power undeniable
Entertaining, agile, quick
I sauntered with you in my hand
Such a team, not a sidekick

I did not care what the world thought
It didn’t halt my passion
Just digging that you were all mine
My Millennium Falcon

But I know the heart is fickle
Soon you will seem unlovely
The next promises more warp speed
The age of Discovery

This short term love is created
By your nice friends from Apple
The best marketers on the Earth
Maybe just have a Snapple

Sure, I can upgrade if I choose
But that’s not how I’m wired
Fear not, I shall not abandon
You will not be retired

My passion may evaporate
I cannot feel the excess
But you’ll still be there for me
You’ll do your best to impress

Still, it was exhilarating
I will not forget this fact
To have this special time in sync
I glowed with my Tesseract