Feeling Compressed into a Time-Lapse Movie

by Barrett

It’s been twelve weeks… already.

Social distancing. Sheltering at home. Not spending time with family and friends. Zoom fatigue. Can you believe it?

Life is certainly different. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you. Thankfully, my family and I are staying healthy.

That said, one negative effect of this COVID-19 altered reality has been something of a surprise to me. I thought time would start to slow down due to all the restrictions and seclusion. In fact, the opposite has occurred. It feels like time has been speeding up.

The weeks have been flying by. Suddenly, it’s an entirely different season! Of course, we cognitively understand that. But our experience of time has been necessarily shifted, and I think our bodies are still catching up.

As a result, my little world is starting to feel like an extended time-lapse shot. A compression of sorts. Maybe it’s simply due to the repetition of fewer ‘permitted’ activities. 

What exactly am I talking about?

Well, I edited together this 30-second video with some of my recent time-lapse shots to try to capture this sensation.

So yes, I suppose I’m feeling a little ‘compressed.’ But considering everything else that’s happening during this disruptive time, I’m not complaining.

Instead, let’s simply say I wanted to share a few time-lapse shots from my
DJI Osmo Pocket and leave it at that.
(Hope you like my video!)