How to Replace a Lost Prepaid Return Shipping Label from Soda Sense

by Barrett

Seltzer alert! If you happen to lose your prepaid shipping sticker for your empty CO2 canisters, here’s where to go to print out a new one.

The Lester family really loves its seltzer water. Whether it’s for lunch or dinner, having some carbonated water can really perk up any meal. So a couple years back, I bought us a SodaStream seltzer maker to minimize the pile up of seltzer cans and bottles to be recycled. (Plus, reducing our daily need for disposal plastics and aluminum is good for the environment!)

Endless Bubbles Program
I also simultaneously signed up with a carbon dioxide canister exchange program from Soda Sense. (Dissolved CO2 is the magic ingredient in bubbly water.) The deal is after you use up two of three CO2 canisters, you mail two back for fresh ones.

You simply place the empty canisters back into their original box with a prepaid shipping sticker and pop the package in the mail. A few days later, a new box with two fresh canisters shows up, and your credit card is automatically charged $44.65. How easy is that?! (SodaStream now offers a similar program.)

I Lost the Prepaid Shipping Label
Everything’s been working great with our Soda Sense relationship until last week. I went to pack up my two used CO2 canisters, and the return prepaid mailing sticker which came in the box was mysteriously missing. I’m sure I lost the sticker somewhere in our basement. (We can also say our cat hid it.)

So now what?

A Complicated Journey to an Easy Solution
I googled the problem, and surprisingly nothing came up. Then, I went to and looked for the answer in the Help section. Nothing.


I signed into Soda Sense and poked around. I finally clicked on “Update Your Account,” even though I didn’t want to update anything. But I hoped there might be a clue there. And in fact there was!

  • At the bottom of the right column, I spotted, “Email me a replacement label.”


Now was that so hard? Seconds later, I received an email with the new shipping label to print out. (Yes, it’s just another reason why you still need a printer at home.)

I taped the substitute prepaid address label onto my box containing the spent canisters and then walked the package to my mailbox. Finally, I raised that little red flag on the side of the mailbox (how wonderfully analog).

Feeling Bubbly Again
I’m not sure how many people lose their return shipping sticker, but there should be an easy way to print out a new one. And in fact, there is….

It’s just somewhat of a hidden solution. They make you work for it a bit. (Perhaps as a reminder to be more organized?)

But the silver lining is you can then write a blog post about it.

Thank you, Soda Sense. Keep those CO2 canisters coming!