13 Tech Tips from 2013

by Barrett

We’ve covered a lot of technology ground this year.
I hope you’re finally feeling a little closer to Tech Zen at home.
If not, don’t despair. It can be a long (never-ending?) journey!
So I’ve got a quick tech review to help you stay ahead of your many demanding gadgets in the year ahead.

Here are my lucky 13 tech tips to remember:

You’re Going to Need a Bigger Hard Drive

LaCie Rugged with Rattle

Even if you have faith your external hard drives can withstand the forces of fate, they’ll eventually buckle under the load of all those home videos you’re shooting.

There’s No Question. USB 3.0 Rocks!

The Choice

Thunderbolt is great. But USB 3.0 is just fine. Both blow FireWire (R.I.P.) away.

Build Your Home TV Studio for $44

My favorite piece for this home-grown tech solution is the $2.99 teleprompter system for your iPad!


That Bad Photo You Took May Be Your Best Yet

The Eye

You may not know it, but some of your best photos are slipping through the cracks. Maybe they first struck you as flawed, or you didn’t recognize their hidden value. Time to recognize your ugly ducklings!

Find Your Neighbors on Nextdoor.com

Nextdoor enters the neighborhood

You can create your own virtual neighborhood based on your real one.
Talk about two worlds colliding!

It’s Time to Buy LED Bulbs

Passing the Torch to Cree

The price is right for this Cree LED bulb. Convert!!

Transcode Your Camera Videos to Windows Media Files

When you want to email your child’s birthday party video to grandma, you’ll need the power of Flip4Mac. Then, she’ll be able to watch the magic
candle-blowing moment on her PC.

Create a Shared iCal Calendar for Your Family

Connected and Happy iPhones

Missing a family commitment can be a thing of the past if your family iPhones share a calendar.

Video on Instagram Gives You Your 15 Seconds of Fame

Watching a Blade of Grass Grow

If you can’t muster up 15-seconds worth viewing, you might like Vine instead.
They only offer you six seconds. If that gets too complicated, try taking a photo, and call it a day…

Strap Your Smartphone into Your Car while It’s Doing GPS Duty

iPhone navigating in cup holder

Don’t let another road trip go by with your smartphone sliding about as its GPS app shouts out turn-by-turn directions from the car floor. Mount it onto your dash!

Buy a Nest Learning Thermostat

My Nest and Me

How’s your 1950’s-era thermostat handling the extreme weather? Did you forget to adjust it before you left home today? Wish it were smarter? Well, now it can be…

If You Buy an HD iTunes Movie, You Also Get the SD Version for Free

Movies for the Road

You just need to know how to ask for it. And why would you want the SD copy? Ask your bloated iPhone…

BlackBerry is Toast

BlackBerry on the Floor

You don’t need me to tell you this news, but I really want you to read my little poem about this former giant.

Happy New Year!

Well, there you have it.
Feel free to add your own favorite tech tips from 2013.

(Yes, even I am not a Tech Jedi yet…)

Finally, thank you for visiting At Home with Tech over the past 12 months.
I hope my posts have been of some assistance or at least a bit of amusement.

I look forward to working through a few more of the universe’s many
tech mysteries with you in 2014…

Nanu! Nanu!