Diary of a New Apple Watch User

by Barrett

I’ve joined the growing crowd and strapped an Apple Watch to my wrist. Now, I’ve just got to figure out how it works! Here’s my experience so far…

I was in a meeting at work, and I must have leaned on my new Apple Watch. Suddenly, Siri loudly proclaimed, “Is there something I can help you with?” The whole meeting stopped, and everyone looked at me.

I apologized for Siri, (literally) and we continued.

I’m not exactly sure what happened, but let’s just chalk it up to human error.

Wearing HAL on Your Wrist?
It’s moments like these which remind me that wearing my Apple Watch Series 4 takes some getting used to. It’s not difficult to figure out the basics, but I’ve definitely had to go through a learning curve as a first-time Apple Watch user (GPS-only model).

Case in point:
I like displaying the weather complication that shows off the day’s predicted temperature range. But I’ve realized when you travel to another city… the watch’s complication doesn’t automatically update its location. Sure, you can easily select the new city to check out the weather, but my Apple Watch always defaults back to my ‘home city.’

I discovered this little frustration when I traveled to Orlando last week. I figured the fix had to be buried in the settings somewhere. It was… but not in the Apple Watch. It was in the Apple Watch app on my iPhone…

  • Scroll down and tap on ‘Weather’
  • Tap ‘Default City’
  • Choose your town!

Easy, right?
Well, it is…now.

Prepare for Impact
My biggest problem has centered around my fear of accidentally whacking my wrist against a wall’s edge or a door handle and scratching up my precious Apple Watch. I know the thing is supposed to be impervious to daily bumps and bruises, but I’ve read enough online commentary to know it will eventually show wear and tear just like any watch.

I’ve definitely banged up some of my other watches over the years. So, I know it’s just a matter of time for my Apple Watch.

Over these early weeks, I’ve found myself consciously leading with my body’s right half to protect my left wrist.

That’s kind of silly, right?

So, I made the decision to Frankenstein my Apple Watch and give it a little armor with ‘bumper’ protection. I know that kind of move totally destroys the beautiful design of the Apple Watch, but I figured any hideous add-ons could be discarded as training wheels down the road.

As I looked on Amazon to review my choices, I realized there weren’t many options available yet due to the slightly different sizing of the Apple Watch Series 4. All of the existing third-party Apple Watch cases and bumpers had to be redesigned and rushed into production.

I went with a “Shock Resistant Bumper Cover” From Alritz.
$9.90 on Amazon

It’s a plastic bumper that’s rigid in some parts and rubbery in others. It covers the watch’s sides and also sports a raised bezel, which for me is the key. I’m figuring the greatest dangers to my Apple Watch will come from side or edge impacts as opposed to a direct assault to the screen.
(That said, I know I can always add on a screen protector to further shield my Apple Watch from life’s dangers.)

And how would I rate my Alritz bumper…?
It’s absolutely fine…
(In Amazon speak, I’d give it 4 stars.)

I wouldn’t exactly call it a design triumph, although I do like its raised bezel. The bumper fits properly, and blends in with my Apple Watch’s form factor.

Most importantly, it’s given me a whole lot more peace of mind.
I’d say that’s worth ten bucks.

Down the line, I’m sure there will be other choices to considering buying.
For now, I’m happy.

Technology That’s Good for You
One other realization I quickly discovered is how many other people are wearing Apple Watches or other fitness trackers. It’s not at all something unusual anymore.

What makes it special is how you integrate it into your own life. And yes, I’m paying a little more attention now to my fitness and how many steps I’m taking every day. And yes, I’m pleased when I hit my ‘Move’ goal for the day.

So, I’m enjoying my Apple Watch, and it helps me to be healthier. I’d say that’s worth the price right there!

…Now, I’ve just got to figure out how to make Siri behave when I’m at work!