Why Vertical Video is Here to Stay

by Barrett

If you didn’t know, this is the “wrong” way to hold your smartphone when shooting video. Or is it? Figuring it out doesn’t have to feel like you’re playing a game of Battleship…

Pop quiz… When you pull out your smartphone to shoot a video clip, do you hold your smartphone vertically or horizontally? If you look around at any given moment, most of us are holding our devices oriented up and down.

And that will create vertical video… which is fine if the video file is later viewed on a smartphone. But if it’s exported and displayed on a horizontal TV screen, the vertical orientation jams awkwardly into the horizontal space.

That’s why for years I’ve been telling vertical video creators to turn their smartphones horizontally before recording their next home movie.

But something big just happened that has finally changed my unwavering commitment to horizontal video.

I’ve just shared my story in this LinkedIn article.
If you wouldn’t mind, please click through to find out what suddenly changed my perspective on video storytelling…